Multiple attachments in a Nintex Form on Office 365

Blog Post created by alexjolynintex Employee on Jul 29, 2015

The july release brings an interesting feature that has been requested from uservoice : The capacity of putting multiple attachment components on a form.

It's a really simple feature to use, we just need...One checkbox, that is located in the Settings panel of your attachment component.


If you add more than one attachment component you will have to chose one as the default one.

Basically, you HAVE to have one attachment ticked as "Default control". If you don't, you will simply have the following message :

publishprevent.JPG(a similar message is displayed if you thick more than one attachment component as "default control" on the form).Note that every attachment still remain attached to the Attachment field (default and not default ones).



The only limitation remaining on this feature is the ability to add an attachment to a repeating section. You will get this error message :

Error repeating.JPG


Have fun Nintexing!