Nintex Connect has just turned one!

Blog Post created by emily.billing@nintex.com Champion on Jul 27, 2015



I'm having a hard time believing the Nintex community has been around for an entire year already; as they say, time flies when you're having fun! There will even be a special Birthday mission, but I'll get to that later.


Over the past year, we've seen a lot of changes, and here are some of the highlights you were a part of:


  • 8100 members have joined the conversation
  • 3,637 discussions have been created
  • 415 blog entries posted, including an incredible 87 posts from the community
  • 399 documents have been added
  • 28 release announcements have been, well, announced
  • 474 ideas and feedback have been suggested in the Nintex feedback space (29 of those ideas have been brought to market!)
  • The Nintex Workflow 2013 SDK was released, and has expanded content almost every week
  • 10 2014 Nintex community Champions champions were crowned


If you've been here for the whole year, you'll know that we've made many changes and additions over the year. We're constantly evolving the site, and tweaking what we have to see what works best. Many of those changes are based on feedback we receive from you guys, so keep it coming!


For a little reference, I've include a flashback to July 21st 2014 (see below), including a change of hairstyle for me (gone is the fringe) , when we were getting ready to launch the site! Thanks to everyone for your participation and ideas, helping us to make Nintex Connect into what you want to see.



Since we launched:


  • Opened up blogging for every registered member! Blogging on the Learn More Space
  • We have a dedicated Support space, where you can create a ticket directly with our Support team.
  • Run monthly missions where you can earn extra points, as well as connect with community members, and see what ideas they have
  • If you're a new user to the site, we have plenty of content, Nintex Community Newbies, as well as an overview video of the site
  • Navigation updates to the site based on feedback from the community
  • Implemented the idea of "No question left behind!".  When a question is unanswered after a few days, it is escalated to our support team to address
  • Included a faster way to access your inbox, and news


To celebrate making it to the one year mark, and reaching more than 8000 members, we're running a special treasure hunt mission for the month of August...Ooh I'll be posting up in more detail next week . Don't miss it!




Emily, your community manager!