Nintex is hitting the road! Come join us for the March Nintex Roadshows

Blog Post created by emily.billing@nintex.com Champion on Feb 25, 2015



Nearly 80% of people participate in online communities to help others, according to a 2012 study by the Society of New Communications Research. I can’t say I’m surprised. Exhibit A: Nintex Connect members. Your smart insights and helpful contributions make this the vibrant community site it is. I see for myself every day how excited you are to help out one another


I also believe that statistic because I wholeheartedly agree that it feels great to help people. In fact, when planning the free March roadshows that are part of our Workflow for Everyone Everywhere Event Series, we brainstormed how many different helpful elements we could include.


There are plenty so I’ll give you the top 5:


#1: We’re coming to a city near you


To make it easier for you to attend a roadshow, we’re coming to not one, not two but six cities in the U.S. before moving on to three more roadshows in China, Singapore and Australia.



#2: All-star MVPs


I know that a lot of you have gone to SharePoint conferences and wished you could chat with one of the MVP panellists. But they’re surrounded by other conference attendees and you risk an elbow to the ribs if you even get within a couple feet of them. And even reaching them can be impossible.


We've arranged for an all-star line-up of Microsoft SharePoint MVPs. Each roadshow will feature one or two of the MVPs you’ve been dying to meet. Here are a few MVPs in our lineup:

  • Speaker, blogger and self-described "complete SharePoint and Office 365 geek" Laura Rogers will wow at our Atlanta roadshow.
  • "SharePoint Cowboy" Eric Shupps will bring his cowboy hat and his SharePoint insights to Dallas. You may have read the insights in his blog.
  • Blogger and “Developing Business Intelligence Apps for SharePoint” co-author Jason Himmelstein will speak at our NYC roadshow.


#3: Customer success stories


I’m a big believer that customer stories are interesting, inspiring and useful. Our roadshow organizers do, too. Each roadshow will include a section dedicated to a different customer story. You may find some of these names familiar because three speakers are valuable members of this community – J. Pablo Rodriguez of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, Jennifer Helton of HSM Solutions and Tammy Lake of Sercel. Tammy, for example, will share lessons learned from tackling her company’s antiquated, manual employee onboarding process, and describe the benefits of automating employee onboarding. Way to go, community members!


#4 You can participate however you like


Maybe it’s the Australian in me but I’m a big fan of a relaxed approach to events. And that’s what you’ll find at these roadshows. I’ll let Mike “Fitz” Fitzmaurice, our VP of Workflow of Technology, explain. He’ll be presenting at all of the roadshows. He says there’ll be plenty of opportunities to network if you want but no need if you don’t.

“If you want to swap stories, great,” he says. “If you want to talk to experts, great. If you want to sit and listen, great.”


#5: Questions welcome!


Fitz, who’ll give a few presentations during each roadshow, is going to cover some really interesting material. Many of you have heard him speak at other events and he knows SharePoint and workflows backwards and forwards. But he doesn’t mind if you interrupt him with your questions. In fact, he welcomes them.

“These roadshows are going to be as interactive as possible,” he says. “I don’t mind interruptions.”


So there you have it. My top five reasons why you should attend one of our free roadshows. If you're in the area, get cracking and register for a roadshow at the links above, and keep a look out for the hashtag #NintexRoadshow on Twitter for the latest news.