Nintex Connect 2014 Winners

Blog Post created by emily.billing@nintex.com Champion on Jan 5, 2015

Drum roll please!


What a fantastic job everyone We saw some last minute changes to the list, with people getting higher and higher on the list and making it into the top ten by the end of the year! A special mention to Mike, Andrew and Lisa who have been an endless source of information on the site. Congratulations on everyone else who made the list!


  1. Mike Matsako on 5,674 points
  2. Andrew Glasser on 4,588 points
  3. burkslm on 3,264 points
  4. Caroline Jung on 2,480 points
  5. Arun Prakash on 2,249 points
  6. Eric Harris on 2,224 points
  7. Brendan Murphy on 1,903 points
  8. Nidish Kotian on 1,881 points
  9. Enrico Knapp on 1,759 points
  10. Alexey Krasheninnikov on 1,550 points


Everyone on this list will receive a Nintex Connect winners badge which will appear next to their name, that way you can easily identify them .



If you're looking at this, and thinking you want one too, well get cracking. Everyone has a chance to be a 2015 winner! Get an early start by completing the first monthly mission, January Mission - Publish a post and have it liked 10 times, and keep an eye out each month for the next mission. It's a great way to boost your points, and your profile.


Lots of luck!