Introducing the New Community Points System

Blog Post created by emily.billing@nintex.com Champion on Dec 9, 2014

What an incredible 5 months! Since we launched in mid July, we have seen fantastic uptake and participation on the site. We have over 4000 registered members and more than 1000 discussions going on.


On January 1st 2015 we’re making a change to the way the points system works. With so many new people joining, we wanted to give everyone a chance to shine, and we’ve decided to start the game all over again! This means we’re wiping the slate clean.


But we still want to recognize our champions and evangelists, so we’re awarding the top ten non Nintex employees with a 2014 Winner badge for the top point earners. We have a few special people who have done a fantastic job in the community, going in everyday answering people’s questions, providing extra information and posting their own tips and findings.


Once December 31st rolls around, we’ll tally up the winners, so you have until December 31st to build your point profile . From January 1st, you’ll be able to identify the top ten 2014 winners by the “Champion Badges” next to their name. Here is a little sneak peak.



And to help spice it all up a little, each month there will be a new mission where you can earn extra points and badges. On the first of each month, you’ll see an announcement from me with all the details for what you need to do that month!


As well as the monthly missions, you’ll continue to earn points for participating and contributing on the site. You’ll find a list of the missions and more details about the points here.


At the end of the year, we’ll tally up the points once again, and the 2015 winners will be announced!


Watch for the next announcement on January 1st for the 2014 winners, and the announcement of the first monthly mission!




Emily, your community manager