New Video: How to use base forms

Blog Post created by shruti.shukla on Oct 30, 2014


Organizations comprise of several departments that maintain different sites in their tenant for e.g. HR, Finance, Development. Often, each of these departments require different themes in terms of form field requirement, logos, background color, and more. Now you can efficiently manage different themes for different departments at the site level. Using base forms functionality users can easily customize Nintex forms and set it as a starting point for all new forms across SharePoint site. All newly created forms conform to the design standards set by the site owner, allowing your organization to maintain a fine control over layout, functionality and branding for a consistent look and feel. This results in single point of modification if any re-branding needs to be done and all the forms within that site will inherit it, rather than having to modify 100 form designs. Watch the video below to learn more about base forms.