Use List Lookup Control Output for Rule Creation

Blog Post created by Support on Oct 15, 2014


Nintex Form Rule will not execute as expected when using the List Lookup Control output for the value used in Nintex Rule due to ID-prefix.



While in the Nintex Form Designer, do the following:

  • Alter the Rule to remove the ID-Prefix by using the replace() runtime function and adding the following RegEx:"^[0-9]+\;#"


For Example:

  • If 'test' is the first value in the list, the value would appear as: "1;#test".
  • A formatting rule will be created to hide a different control, if the List Lookup Control, "LLUP" has a value of 'test'.
  • The following Rule will be used: replace(LLUP, "^[0-9]+\;#", "" ) == "test"