Error 12031 When Saving or Publishing Reusable Workflow Templates

Blog Post created by pamela.denchfield Employee on Sep 23, 2014

Products: Nintex Workflow 2013, Nintex Workflow 2010




The error message “12031: Unknown” appears when a reusable template is saved or published.




When saving or publishing a reusable workflow template, the system does not respond for five minutes, and then the error message “12031: Unknown” appears.




The Nintex Workflow publish or save process is timing out, likely due to delayed propagation caused by a lengthy content type evaluation.




To reduce the time required for content type evaluation, create a content type based on Item and then select the created content type when defining the reusable workflow template. For instructions, refer to the SharePoint documentation.


More Information


For more information about reusable workflow templates, see “Set Title and Description for Reusable Workflow Template” in the Nintex Workflow Help (2013 | 2010).


For more information about the evaluation process that Nintex Workflow uses for content types, see the following MSDN article: