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Nintex Hawkeye

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Nintex Hawkeye gives you insight to the use of Nintex Workflow through the use of "lenses."

You can use the Usage Lens to get key consumption metrics and find out what the return is on your Nintex investment.  Find out who's using workflows and how much.

Nintex Technical Evangelist Daniel Stoll walks you through setting up a Usage Lens in this video:



The Process Lens lets you know the effectiveness of an individual process you've automated.  Here again, Dan shows you briefly how it works:


Get a Nintex Hawkeye Analytics Overview here!

See the Nintex Help Files to learn how to create and manage Usage and Process lenses for dashboard visualizations!

Nintex Hawkeye is out now and will provide you with insight to your Nintex Workflow products!

How does it work?  From log-in to connecting your data, Nintex Technical Evangelist Daniel Stoll provides an overview of Nintex Hawkeye Analytics.



Watch these videos about the Usage Lens and Process Lens !

Nintex now not only offers the power of better business process automation, but also the power to instrument and measure it.


Nintex Hawkeye, watches over all the workflows in an organization and provides actionable data to business users, managers and the decision makers who oversee business processes automated using the Nintex Workflow Platform. Nintex Hawkeye is designed to connect all your environments and provide a whole of business view of your Nintex usage. Excitingly, it also allows you to instrument your workflows and measure the performance and effectiveness of your automated business processes.



Nintex Hawkeye provides two lenses to help you generate key business insights: 


The Usage Lens
This lens lets you visualize workflows across all your Nintex environments. You'll know the number of people using Nintex, who's publishing workflows, who's participating and who's initiating them. You can use this knowledge to learn how workflows are spread throughout your organization.  This lens is free for all customers who have Hawkeye.


The Process Lens
This lens lets you measure activities in a process that's automated with Nintex. For example you can measure how long an approval process takes and see if there are bottlenecks delaying approvals.


Using Hawkeye lets you identify workflow use, catch problems before they arise and control consumption. You can learn more about using Nintex Hawkeye in the Nintex Learning Center.


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