Connect with me at Xchange!

Blog Post created by jesse.mchargue Moderator on Oct 23, 2017

I have been lucky enough to attend each of the first two Xchange conferences, back when it was InspireX, and am planning on attended the upcoming conference in San Diego in February 2018. My first Nintex conference was truly amazing as it showed me all that I could do with the product and everything that was to come. Hearing about how Nintex planned to move into a cloud based workflow engine (Nintex Workflow Cloud) and seeing that venture come into focus as the year went on was a testament to the simple fact that Nintex was, and still is, moving in the right direction.


All of the sessions were extremely informational. They provided some insight or different view on new and old topics. Hearing customers speak to their passion about what they were able to accomplish leveraging Nintex only inspired those in attendance to strive for something similar. One of the most memorable sessions for me was Rhia Wieclawek's Governance session. Not because she used Dungeons & Dragons in her presentation (though that helped :)) but because her passion on the topic was evident when she spoke. It was not just session to fill an hour, but something that was close to her and she wanted to share her experiences.


It is not just about the sessions, the people that attend Xchange make it worth it beyond words. For me, talking with other users, both customers and partners alike, stoked that flame inside of me to strive for something better. It made me realize that we are all in the same boat; trying to come up with a solution for the same problem with similar tools and Nintex was a major part of that solution. I was able to make lasting connections with other users and even put faces to users that I interact with in the community on a daily basis (Cassy Freeman, Andrew Glasser, and countless others). Meeting and interacting with the likes of Vadim Tabakman, Eric Harris, Euan Gamble, Brad Orluk, and of course Frank Field made it all the more real for me as I was able to connect with them as they were not just superstars, but real people


Working with Frank over the past 2 years has been amazing. He has kept it interesting within the community and given us all the means to learn and grow with Nintex. Xchange allows us to take that further and connect with other users face-to-face. It allows us to hear firsthand about how they used Nintex and continue to improve with it.


I look forward to connecting with everyone again at the upcoming conference in San Diego. I hope to see some familiar faces and new faces as well! If you are planning on attending, let’s connect! I would love to hear your experiences and how Nintex has made things better for you!