What I got out of attending Nintex Xchange (formerly InspireX)

Blog Post created by cazza162 Moderator on Oct 5, 2017

In the run up to what I am sure will be another amazing conference, I wanted to take the time to write about what I got out of the last conference (InspireX) in February 2016.  I am hopeful of one of my submitted sessions being chosen for presentation at the conference, but if not I am looking forward to being able to attend the conference as a Nintex customer. 



I learnt so much more than I expected throughout the conference from sessions and chatting to other attendees.  Some of the sessions I attended last year were:


Nintex Mobile Showcase: Michael Rieger, Neudesic

The session went through the different forms solutions; Nintex web forms, nintex mobile app (free on standard) and nintex app studio (free on enterprise).  This allowed me to see the different mobile products and report back to my organisation on what is available.  The big thing for us was the customization of branding which I didn't discover until this session was entirely possible with app studio!


The Power of Document Generation In Office 365, Brian Caauwe, Avtex Solutions

Though we are on-prem it was good to see DocGen in action as although I had heard of it, I had never seen it.  This now allows me to look at requirements for our organisation differently and think ahead for the future.


Nintex Process, Data and Content Interoperability with SAP, Gimmal

It was very interesting to see how Nintex and SAP could be integrated.  I have researched further into the offering of Theobold since the conference.


What's Planned for Forms, Euan Gamble

One of my favourite sessions which gave us a sneak peak into responsive forms!!  There were many whoops and cheers from the crowds as Nintex had listened to customer feedback and directly demonstrated the changes.  I am so excited to get my hands on this in real life, and this was one of my biggest take homes to my organisation!  Euan shared the product roadmap with us aswell which was so handy as this information rarely comes to us via our partner.


Drive Faster ROI with Nintex Xchange, Eric Harris

I was aware of Xchange as a solutions repository for Nintex customers and partners but it was great to hear about the plans for it going forwards, especially exciting for partners!  Eric Harris was also one of my community hero's so it was great watching him in real life, instead of via a Nintex Hangout!


Migrate & Deploy - See How to Copy and Move Your Workflows and Forms, Ben Niaulin

Although Sharegate was not the migration tool selected in our organisation, it was interesting to see how easy to use it was and how it compared to our choice of tool.  The demonstration of moving Nintex content during migration was especially helpful and Ben and other Sharegate team members were available for the whole conference to discuss further!


Mobilize your line of business apps on Nintex Platform, John Corry

John is the product manager for Nintex Mobile and demonstrated in the session exactly how the mobile app for the conference was developed.  It was amazing to have a finished product in your hand and listen to the experts explain how they did it, and even better the new features coming out that would enable customers and partners to do similar solutions.  Having never played with nintex mobile I was in awe!


Managing Permissions when a workflow is executing, Caroline Jung

It was great seeing fellow BRG-er present her session on permissions.  It was intuitive and well presented and definitely a good one for customers on the beginning of their workflow journey.  Almost a "here's what to look out for" session when designing workflows.  I knew already the majority of the content from painful problems I had encountered and had to resolve along my Nintex journey, I only wish I could have attended Caroline's session a couple of years ago when I started out to save myself a lot of time and headache!

Some excerpts of the report I wrote on my return include:

"The event was amazing, the information that was gained exceeds anything I would have found doing online research"

"I got to see every product in the Nintex suite"

"The sessions that I couldn't see due to clashes will be made available as recordings, so I didn't miss any learning"



Being an active member of the community had meant that I knew a lot of names and had a few "hero's" to meet at conference, and they didn't disappoint.  I met a lot of people who I had helped on the community and others who had helped me.  This made any virtual relationships I had already built stronger and honestly, I have called in just a few favours with various people (and vice versa) since attending.

As well as community members, I met nearly every single product manager for Nintex!  This was super helpful to be able to discuss my opinions on the products and any specific issues my organisation was facing.  Big shout out here to John Corry for listening to me harp on and on about Nintex Mobile!  As a direct outcome of the conference I was able to complete a mobile PoC for our organisation which has never been done for SharePoint before!

Meeting Frank Field was a highlight and we discussed at length the community and how amazing it is to be a part of!  Doing a session with him and Jesse McHargue was so much fun and well received by the attendees.

I met other users from the UK and discussed the Nintex User Group - UK and signed some attendees up there and then!



I live in Cornwall; the very bottom of England and so it was quite an adventure going to New Orleans last year.  I love America and had never been to that part of the country before and, boy oh boy, it didn't disappoint.  Though I didn't get as much time as I would have liked exploring, I did get to enjoy a couple of lovely runs around the city and more than one night out in Bourbon Street

The conference for 2017 is in San Diego; another new city for me and one which I am hopeful of spending some time in before or after the conference!



You can learn more about xchange, and register by visiting this page on our corporate site. Thank you, Cassy, for sharing your experience! ~Frank Field, Your community manager