Use Pause to Edit Feature to Add Data Prior to PDF Conversion & Delivery

Blog Post created by haley.walsh Employee on Dec 14, 2015

Benefits of Using the 'Pause to Edit' Feature:

• Allows users to 'pause' the document generation process, 'edit' the document by adding data outside of Salesforce, and then continue the document generation process.


Use Case:

Crestan Global Furniture uses Drawloop Document Generation for Salesforce to create and deliver customer Order Confirmations via email, after a new order has been placed. All product data is stored in Salesforce with the exception of customer requests that have been sent via email to the Sales Representative. By using the 'Pause to Edit' feature, the Sales Representative has the ability to 'pause' the document generation process and then add the customer's request to the new document after the data has been merged from the Salesforce record. Once the customer request has been added, the document generation process will continue allowing the edited document to be re-uploaded, converted to PDF, and emailed to the customer according to the delivery settings.



Navigate to the DDP and select the template under 'Select Files.' Then click the gear icon next to the template.


Once the pop-up window appears click the 'more' tab and then check the 'pause to edit' checkbox. Then click 'OK.'


Then click 'save.'


Once complete, navigate to the record from which you'd like to generate the Order Confirmation and then click the 'Run DDP' button to generate the document.



The document will appear as a link including filename. Click the link to download the document.




Next, open the document and add the required data. In this case, our Sales Representative is making note that the customer would like to replace the chrome legs with gold.


Once all edits have been made, simply re-upload the document by clicking the 'Browse' button and select the file from where it was saved. Then click 'Continue.'


Finally, the document generation process will continue and the completed document will be converted to a PDF and emailed to the customer.