Note About Upcoming Walkthrough Posts for the SDK

Blog Post created by mattbriggs Employee on Sep 9, 2016

Hi Nintex Community,

This summer I was able to go to Anacortes near the Orcas Island in Washington State and climb Mount Eerie. It is the tallest point on Fidalgo Island at a towering 1,273 feet. But instead, I spent most of my time wading into the Nintex Forms/Workflow 2013 SDK and Nintex Forms/Workflow 0365 API to work on some walkthroughs that will provide step-by-step instructions on export and publishing workflows and forms, designing your own custom workflow actions, and creating custom form controls.

Over the next month, I will post the results of this effort. This will include the following walkthroughs: 

  • Use of the Nintex Workflow and Forms 0365  API to export and publish workflow and forms using Postman (a REST client). Probably the most complex part of the Nintex 0365 API is getting all the information you need to execute the call in order. This walkthrough lies out that parts, and then shows you how to contact your list to grab the Form XML, and then how to take your Form XML and publish back to your list. I'll also look at the parallel workflow for Nintex 0365 Workflow. 
  • Create a custom action for Nintex Workflow 2013. This walkthrough looks at creating a basic web client in C# that will take a workflow input, send to the service, find a specific piece of information in the return, and hand back the data back to your workflow. 
  • Create a custom control for Nintex Forms 2013. The SDK walkthrough looks at creating a range control, and in the blog post I look at creating a simple color picker input control.
  • Creating a WCF Client console application to work with the Nintex Workflow 2013 SOAP Web services to export and import a workflow. 
  • Creating a PowerShell script to work with the Nintex Workflow 2013 Web services to export and import a workflow.
  • Creating a WCF client and console application to work with the Nintex Forms 2013 Web service to export and import a form.

And then, I look forward to getting back to the rest of the Nintex Forms 2013 SDK. I've appreciated your insight and contributions to previous posts. Please feel free to let me know what you are looking to know more about.