Sixth Release to the Nintex Forms On Prem 2013 SDK

Blog Post created by mattbriggs Employee on Jun 4, 2016

Hi Nintex Community,


With a long Memorial weekend, a short week, a wrong turn (involving serializing the Forms object model) I wasn't able to finish my next XML code sample until late last night. So I will be able to verify, write it up, and post everything by this next Friday. This is a small application that generates valid form XML with a limited subset of controls. I plan on including some common Word and HTML form controls: single and multi-line text box, list box, a check box, choice box, and in Nintex Form parlance, a label control. The application will take a tiny XML file that lists the controls, control-specific values (such as label text), control dimensions, and generates form XML. I can see this process being re-purposed to create a batch conversation process for HTML forms, or converting Microsoft Word forms (in the open office format), or Adobe Acrobat forms.

     In addition, I'll also publish a general reference for back-end attributes for each of the standard forms controls. After that I will finally get on to the JavaScript reference for the Forms On Prem 2013 SDK. Also I've been listening to all your comments regarding PowerShell cmdlets and methods using PowerShell to manage or publish forms. That is on my list, as well as creating custom run time functions,  but let me know what else I should cover. Thanks.