Fourth Release to the Nintex Forms On Prem 2013 SDK

Blog Post created by mattbriggs Employee on May 20, 2016

Hi Nintex Community,


Today's SDK update contains a short sample that uses a C# console application for updating your Form XML with Xpath.  Using this technique you can update a bunch of forms all at once. Since the forms are in XML, you can update the values of elements such as image URLs, label text, CSS, and so on.

     In working with the Nintex Form XML I ran into two tricky issues. The first is that the XML uses a multiple of namespaces within in the same file. Namespaces are one of the more, to me at least, painful things to deal with in writing Xpath queries. Luckily, the .NET Framework contains a handy Namespace manager to mitigate this pain.

     The second tricky aspect is that you need to keep the form XML valid or you will not be able to import your updated into Nintex Forms. The import will just fail without a lot of information, and you will need to turn back to your XML to find out what went wrong.  I've updated the SDK Reference with the bulk of the XML reference for the Form XML and element definitions; I'll have an update early next week with the formcontrolproperty element containing the properties of each of the 21 Nintex controls.

     Also, at the end of next week, I will also post a walk through illustrating my own process for constructing XPath queries and then using the sample to update and load the form XML. I will also have a code sample for programmatically generating valid form XML from scratch using a limited subset of controls.

      Thanks again for your suggestions and feedback. I'm busily adding items to my list, which now includes such items as creating custom run time functions and using PowerShell to migrate forms.

Thanks Again,