The Nintex Workflow 2013 SDK is (initially) released!

Blog Post created by denniskennedy Employee on Feb 24, 2015

Hi! I’m the new programmer/writer at Nintex, and I’m dedicated to providing more developer-focused content and code across the Nintex platform. My initial focus is Nintex Workflow 2013, and so, with a bit of glee, I’m happy to announce that the initial release of the new Nintex Workflow 2013 SDK is now available on Nintex Connect.

You can find the new Nintex Workflow 2013 SDK at the following location:

(Update: The SDK has moved, just a little - updated the link accordingly.)

“Initial release?’ Well, we’re calling it the initial release because I’ll be updating the SDK weekly with new content, more code, and deeper dives into specific areas. We’ll work out the actual release schedule shortly, but I expect that we’ll be publishing updates at the beginning of each week, starting next week. To herald the upcoming weekly SDK update, I’ll post what’s about to come out and on what I’ll be working for the next weekly SDK update.

For example. next week’s SDK update will include:

  • Visual Studio 2012 project templates for workflow activities and workflow action adapters
  • Instructions about how to install and use the project templates to create your own custom workflow actions.

I’m very, very interested in feedback, because your feedback will, in part, help prioritize content development for future weekly updates. The more feedback you provide, the better I’ll be able to target new content and code for you. If you see something that doesn't look right, let me know. If you have a particular interest in a functional area, or want more information about a particular implementation, let me know. I’ll answer questions and respond to feedback as quickly and as often as I can.