New Release! April 2015 Product Release

Blog Post created by emily.billing@nintex.com Champion on Apr 22, 2015

Hello Everyone!


The April release includes several highly-requested capabilities in Nintex Workflow and Forms for Office 365, and Nintex Mobile, as well as important Nintex Workflow for SharePoint updates.


Highlights include:


Nintex Workflow for Office 365


LazyApproval in Nintex Workflow for Office 365

LazyApproval speeds up approval processes by allowing users to respond to requests quickly, using natural language like "yes", "no", "approve", or "reject".


Introducing new actions!

Most requested actions like Switch, For Each and Regular Expression add capabilities to enable you to create more of your on-premises Nintex processes in Office 365.


Nintex Forms for Office 365


Cascading Lookups

Improved designed and user experiences with forms that are easy-to-build and sophisticated. A restaurant inventory request form is an example of this capability. When the form filler selects her Store State, the next field for Store City shows only the city fields relevant to her state.


Nintex Mobile Apps

Richer Nintex Mobile forms are here with image annotation, and barcode scanning - two of our most requested Nintex Mobile capabilities!


Image Annotation

Image annotation lets users mark-up or edit photos, adding detail to form attachments.


Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning enables faster form - filling.


Nintex Workflow for SharePoint

Enhancements to Nintex Workflow for SharePoint continue to improve our on-premises products.


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