Nintex Forms for Office 365 - 25th June 2014

Blog Post created by emily.billing@nintex.com Champion on Oct 31, 2014

A list of the features released on 25th June 2014.


Validation Rules

Nintex Forms for Office 365 now supports conditional validation through its Rules feature. You can now set rules that enforce the validation on a field that is conditional on the value of another field. For instance, you can set a field as invalid if blank if your total expenses are greater than $1000. This avoids the need for any custom JavaScript to support this functionality.


People Picker Control – Now Available in Repeating Sections

The People Picker control has been rebuilt to improve performance and to allow it to be included in Repeating Sections. This means that if you need to maintain a repeating structure that includes people information, this can now be achieved. Useful, for instance, if you are entering a list of people and their responsibilities into a form.


New Date Manipulation Runtime Functions

Using dates for calculations are often very useful. For instance, a corporate policy may be that applications for leave cannot happen more than 9 months ahead. Using some of the following new functions you can show the ceiling limit in the form itself and ensuring that dates outside that are not submitted.

  • dateAddMonths(date, monthsToAdd)
  • dateAddDays(date, daysToAdd)
  • dateAddHours(date, hoursToAdd)
  • dateAddMinutes(date, minutesToAdd)
  • date(day, month, year, hours, minutes)


Round function

Simple mathematical function allowing numbers to be rounded to specified decimal places.

  • round([number], [optional numberOfDecimalPlaces])