Nintex Forms for Office 365 - 21st January  2014

Blog Post created by emily.billing@nintex.com Champion on Oct 31, 2014

A list of the features released on 21st January 2014.


Create Column from Nintex Forms Designer

Nintex Forms for Office 365 now supports the ability to add a column to a list or document library from within the designer. No need to exit the Designer and add columns through List Settings. This is a major time-saving function when a Designer realises that an additional column is required and reduced interruption to the design process.


Support for multiple content types on SharePoint List

Nintex Forms for Office 365 now allows users to customize forms for multiple content types associated with a list. When invoking Nintex Forms from the List ribbon, if the list has multiple content types associated with it, a dialog asking the user to select a content type is displayed. If there is only one content type for that list, the dialog is not displayed.


Save and Publish usability improvements

Dropdown options have been added to the Save and Publish buttons on the Designer ribbon. These allow the user to ‘save and close’ or ‘publish and close’ in a single step. In addition, the ability to skip the ‘Confirm publishing’ and ‘Publish completed’ dialogs has been added. This reduces the number of clicks required to publish. This can be configured in the General section of the Form Settings dialog.


Format Painter

Nintex Forms for Office 365 now includes the ability to copy the formatting of a control and apply that formatting to other controls on the form. The Format Painter function works as it does in MS Office applications.