Nintex office 365 Workflow history Log.

Blog Post created by walter9000 on Jun 27, 2017

Good Day To all,

I have been testing the water with nintex 365 and one of the things that I was interested in solve is the workflow history log for audit purposes. And then I have one more solution that could be helpfull. 



1. I will create the example by using a simple list called (approval) with the following columns: Title(Single line of text), Approver (Person or Group) Status (Waiting for Approval, Approved, Rejected) this is type "Choice" and InstanceID (Single line of text)


2. The workflow is pretty straight forward (I will be uploading the workflow here )


3. Once I have the list and the workflow working accordingly the next step is add some jquery script to pop up the workflow history log related to a specific item..





The script should be added by using the web part Content Editor:


Find  the script and workflow attached: (remember change the URL related to your history log)