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Nintex Forms and Oceanik

Posted by rbachmann Champion Mar 15, 2017


I got the requirement to design a multilingual form the other day.

Thanks toVadim Tabakman for describing a good way to realize such a form.

Since my customer is thinking about translating the whole SharePoint-Plattform, Oceanik came into discussion.
Unfortunately, I haven't found any discussion about Nintex Forms and Oceanik in combination yet so I decided to share my learnings here. To learn about the capabilities of Oceanik, please visit their website here: OCEANIK for SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 - Oceanik 




First, I installed Oceanik on my test environment and activated it on a plain SiteCollection. For this test, I translate terms from Englisch to German.

To check whether the solution is working or not, I put "Go-Live" on my homepage. Now I can switch between the two languages and see the result.


So far so good.

As you can see in the left navigation, I also created a list called "Expenses" and translated that to "Spesen".


Now for my next test, I use the term "expenses" in a label control on my Nintex Form and publish it.


Sadly, Oceanik doesn't seem to be able to translate terms inside a Nintex Form, I thought...



Do you want to see something really odd?

When I use "expenses" as an option inside a choice-control, the translation works:



Oceanik isn't fully supported by Nintex Forms. Under some circumstances, terms are getting translated. Enterprises who face the difficulty of translating their whole SharePoint still need a workaround for Nintex Forms.

Please feel free to comment your experience or guide me if I missed a setting.


Anonymous Form Submission

Posted by rbachmann Champion Feb 6, 2017

SharePoint is a great tool to collaborate and track document changes. 

But, have you ever had the requirement, that a form should be submitted "anonymously"?
Some customers know the princip of inboxes, where you can place a complaint anonymously.

Since this is a bit "not featured by design" in SharePoint, I would like to share my solution approach.
(There are others, as you can read here: Anonymous Form Submission but in my case, I don't want to delete submitted items.)


First, I create a new Site-Workflow.
For this scenario, I need two variables. One is for the complaint-message and one is an optional textfield, where you could enter your name, if you like.

(Please note: "Show on start form")


Secondly, I edit the start form with Nintex Forms. The fields are connected to the corresponding variable.


Thirdly, I insert two Workflow Actions. The Action Set is needed to run all child actions using the credentials of the user who published the workflow.


And that's it. In my case, I use the Nintex "Start Site Workflow"-Webpart to embed the form. All submitted items will be created by the account who published the workflow. So be careful not to use your personal account.


Push the button

Posted by rbachmann Champion Oct 11, 2016

So, we all know that it is possible to start a workflow externally. (Thanks to Eric Harris Externally start Nintex workflows in seconds with Zapier!)

The other day I was thinking of: How cool would it be, to start a workflow with a proper button?

After a short research, I ordered two buttons from They are fully supported by Zapier so in no time I had my first (by a button startable) workflow. 



Ok, geek stuff. But what can they be used for in a real life scenario?


I am thinking of task list, where new tasks aren't assigned to anyone. With one push, a workflow assigns a task to the initiator.

Or let's assume you have a single site-workflow to terminate several different workflows. One push and you are done. (You probably use a big red button for that right!?)


I know there are some really creative community members out there. Please share your ideas with me! I am curious to know what you would automate with just one button.

Good News!


With the latest update for Nintex Forms ( List Lookup Control has been enhanced.

In the release notes you find: "Fixed an issue where the List Lookup filter may not work when Source View specified."


So with that fixed, you now have the possibility, to filter data with multiple parameters, based on your Source View.


For example:

I have a SharePoint-List named "Contracts" and I only want to display items of a particular company, where Currency Status equals "Active".


Configuration of my List Lookup Control looks like this:



And the result is very #2015



(Note: Currently, "CompanyName"-Control has to be a Single Line Text Control. Calculated Value Controls are not supported (yet?))

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