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I have set up create item workflow on list database which is set to start on item creation and creates word document out list item properties. The documents are being created in document library on the same site as list database is.


This workflow is set up the following way. It has just create item action


create item action settings


and it works fine. When item is created in the list document is also created in the library.


BUT, I have a second workflow on that list which is set up to start when item is modified and it is supposed to Update document based on changes done in parent item. It is set up the following way


Update doc action WF settings

the first two actions are to build Update doc source and output URL (consists of [path to doc library]/[current item title - same as doc name].docx) The other 3 actions are to get updated values from list item fields into the variables. Update doc action is set up the following way (source URL is the same as Output URL=constructed path to word doc and overwrite existing item is selected at the bottom)



BUT, this WF doesn´t work as expected! It actually updates the document, you can see modification "A few seconds ago" with respective word doc. but the values in in Content controls remain the same as they were when doc. was created by the WF described above.


Any ideas please?


Many thanx



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