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Hi all,


during last years, several times I've encountered projects when the best suitable action in order to ask a user to do something in a workflow was a Flexi task action with just one outcome..


If the customer is using also Nintex Forms and because Outcome is a mandatory field, their following question is always: "Is it possible to autoselect the only option?" and "Is it possible to make it hidden?"


Until the use of the new Responsive Designer (at this moment available only for Nintex for O365), the only option in order to achieve this is the use of javascript, and I want to share with you how I do this:

  1. Add a class to the decision field (in my case "decision")
  2. Go to Form Settings and in Advanced Javascript put the following script:

NWF$('.decision input').attr('checked','checked');
//NWF$('.decision').hide(); //remove comments if you want to hide the control

With the above script, the option inside the element with "decision" class will be selected, in case you want also to hide it, you can remove the comment on last line so it will be hidden from this case you can also remove the corresponding label and panel (think about the Delegation link) in order to reduce the space of the form, just move the control somewhere in the form, also overlapping some other fixed control (e.g over the logo), just to keep it in the form but without occupying additional space.


Hope this post may help someone and make him/her save some time..



Hi all and welcome to a new Community Mission!


In this mission you don't have to build a form, you don't have to build a workflow so..what you are requested to do?

Just a simple fix on an existing workflow that currently has some issues..attached to this post you can find all you need for your environment (there is a zip file for who is on O365 and one for on-premises).


You just need to have Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms installed and then you can start setting up your personal playground.


How to setup the scenario:

  1. Import the three list templates that are in the zip (they template are for an English website)
  2. Create a list for each template (you should use template name as list name)
  3. In list "CommunityMissionDestination" you have to create a lookup column based on the settings shown in LookupConfiguration.png (the image is in the zip)
  4. In list "CommunityMissionSource" you have to import the Nintex Forms available in the zip and publish it
  5. In list "CommunityMissionSource" you have to import the workflow (for O365 users, remember to fill last action with valid credential) and publish it.


Now, what the workflow should do? Every time a new item is added in the CommunityMissionSource list, it should check the repeating section that is present in the form and create one item for each row in the CommunityMissionDestination list. That's all? Not exactly.. last requirement is that for item in CommunityMissionDestination, "Type 1" value in the lookup field should always be selected, even if it wasn't selected by the user in source item.


Once you've fixed the workflow, post your exported workflow as a document in the Nintex Gallery briefly explaining what you did! (Visit the space, click "actions" and then select "document" from the dropdown. You'll see a place to attach your file in the editor.)  Reply below with a link to it.


fixit badge

For your repair skills, you'll earn this badge and 100 points..good luck!



Often here on the forum someone asks how to send a notification based on a list/library grouping items instead of sending one email for each item, e.g. in a task list I want a single notification for each assignee with the list of all the tasks that are assigned to that specific people..


This is my solution, hope it can help someone!


First action will be a Query List Action where I can set all the optional filter, if I don't want to get all items in my source and, most important, I sort items by the field I want to group by.

Then I save all the fields I want to include in my notification in collection variable, also the field I want to group by should be stored in a collection variable.

Query List Settings

Then I start looping on the groupBy collection variable and then I get all the related information from the other collection using the same index:

Collection Operation

If the index is not equal to 0 and the previous value of my grouping condition is not equal to the current one, I'll send a notification with the previous built text and then I clear it and change the variable pPrevAssignee with the new grouping condition

Run If Conditions

Outside the Run If I'll update the variable with the text I want in my email

Build String

Last step, outside of the For Each, I have to send a notification to last assignee (I've that value inside my variable pPrevAssignee) otherwise last grouped items will not be notified.


And that's how my workflow looks like:

Workflow Design - Part 1Workflow Design - Part 2

Edit 28/04/2017: I've added the workflow on Xchange Send Grouped Notification Site Workflow and I've moved the Set variable action outside the Run If (in the second screenshot of the workflow)


Update lookup field

Posted by jackgelo Champion Sep 20, 2016



sometimes here on the community someone ask how to set through a workflow a lookup field, so I've decided to write here how to do's very simple!


In your workflow you need to know what is the ID of the elements in the list that's connected through the lookup column.. if your list has a lookup on the following list:



and you want to set on your item a lookup to Item1, then in your workflow you have to set that field to the corresponding ID

 (Lookup is our lookup column)

but..what if you want to update a lookup column with multiple values?

Firstly, check that the lookup column allows multiple have to explicit set it and sometimes simple things may be forgotten..

Then you have to create a string with all the IDs of the corrisponding elements, separated by ;#;#, so if in our case, we want to create a lookup to Item1 and Item3 we have to set the field as in the image


That's all..Easy, isn't it?



Hi all,


today I've discovered a very interesting setting in Global Settings section in Nintex Workflow Central Administration and I want to share it with you

The setting is called Task form properties view 

and "Workflow Task View" is the default value, that you change if you want..


This is the name of the view that specify which properties are shown in a default task form, if you don't have a view named like that, then all the properties will be shown (it's the most common scenario I've seen).


If you create or edit such view, you can choose what you want to show or hide in task, so that user doesn't see all the "hidden" fields you can have in your list/library that are useful for the workflow but not for him/her..


Unfortunately this settings is global for all the farm and if you want to have different view for different tasks that run on the same list/library, you can't  .. if you think this could be an interesting feature, I've also created a request on uservoice: Move Task form properties view setting to the task level – Customer Feedback for Nintex 



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