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When you get the value of a person via Nintex Workflows, you often get a bit of a messy string back – it starts with “i:0#.f|” and may also be “i:0#.f|membership|” . That string is the claims token. Here’s how to get rid of it using the Regular Expression action on Office 365.



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It's common have a main item or document with associated tasks when working with a workflow. If you need a link from the task form to the main item form, perhaps to update the main item, here's how to do it.  This was tested on Office 365.


Read more: Add button on Nintex task form to edit main item with JavaScript - Hannah's SharePoint

As part of a much larger case management system, a client wanted to have one form with multiple yes/no radio buttons. These questions act as gatekeepers: the user cannot proceed to the next question until the previous question has been answered.



I have written a blog post explaining how to set up the form and handle the output using SharePoint 2013 on premise + Nintex Workflows and Forms 2013.

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