Your Points Are Going Away - Again

Blog Post created by Employee on Dec 11, 2017

(UPDATE for January 4th at the bottom of the post!)


It's time for our annual reminder that we're going to zero-out the points in the community and re-start "the game!"


It has been our habit to erase points at the end of each year, declare the top people on the leaderboard our champions, and start over.  Champions typically have an icon like this next to their names: champion badge


resetWhy reset?


Well, given the way gamification is set up on our community platform, a new member has no way of racking up enough points to show up on the leaderboard, no matter how great their contributions might be.  Resetting the points provides an incentive for everyone to see what their contributions will do.


Has it worked?  It seems to.  We've had a new champion atop the leaderboard all three years of this community. 


And, we're doing it again.  Sometime around Dec 31, our platform provider will delete the points for us and we'll start over in 2018.  And here's a little teaser: Our reputation game is going to change dramatically next year. I'll say more in future blog posts, so follow me and keep your eyes on our homepage and Twitter feed.


Is this annual move a disincentive to long-time members who've made grate contributions to the community? It might feel that way, but existing content is really a sort of head start on earning points in the new year because any interactions with it are easy ways to accumulate status points. And even though a new person has landed at the very top, a lot of familiar names wind up in the top 25 annually.


As a reminder, we've done this every hear, and here are two examples:

It's Time to Reset the Points Again! 

Points to Reset for New Year! 


For fun, here's a look at the list of winners from the first year the community launched: Nintex Connect 2014 Winners  I'll publish another list at the end of 2017.


You still have time to accumulate points and badges. Here's how: Badges and Earning Points on the Site 


Enjoy these last few weeks of 2017!


NEW:  Our platform provider encountered a problem resetting our points. So, you get to live with them a few more days. Before they disappear.  But I expect the reset to happen any time now. I'll follow up when the reset is complete.