Insider Tip: Taking "Action" In The Community

Blog Post created by Employee on Jun 21, 2017

Here's an insider tip that will open up a world of possibilities for some community members: It's the "actions" link at the top right of most spaces and pages in the community.

In a space like Getting Started or Nintex For Office 365, you'll see the "actions" button in the banner at the top. Clicking it will reveal the types of content that you're allowed to create in that space.  Permissions are based on your membership type, so you'll only see the types of content you are allowed to create in a given area.




The same button on a piece of content, such as a blog or a document, reveals different options. Chiefly to "follow" or "bookmark" that document or blog.  Bookmarking will leave a link to that content in your profile page.  Following a piece of content or a user connects you to that person or item. You'll get in-box notifications of activity on that page or done by that person.  



To see your connections, visit your profile page (avatar>view profile) and then click the "people" tab and select "following" or "followers."