How to restrict the consumption of document generation?

Blog Post created by rickbakker on Mar 30, 2017

Hi all,


Document generation is not for free, so putting some restrictions on this Nintex workflow action seems logical.


Without proper configuration, everyone who is allowed to create Nintex workflows can add the Nintex workflow action 'Document Generation' leading potentially to unwanted document generation consumption.


For on-premise, there is an option to allow who can use a specific Nintex workflow action. Below, the steps voor Nintex Workflow 2016 in Central Administration are given.

  1. Go to 'Nintex Administration'.
  2. Click on 'Action Settings' (Group 'Workflow environment').
  3. Select the action 'Document Generation' and click in the ribbon on 'Edit permissions'.
  4. De-select 'Make this action available to all users' and add the people who are allowed to use this action.
  5. Click on the button [OK]


Besides configuring who is allowed to use the workflow action 'Document Generation', making it a part of your Governance plan is a wise thing to do. Nintex Workflow Cloud and Office 365 do not have the option to set permissions on Nintex workflow actions, so for that it is actually your only option.


The consumption of document generation is also determined by how a workflow is designed. Make sure a document is only generated when really needed.


As last option, you can restrict who can start a workflow containing the document generation action.


I really love the document generation functionality of Nintex, but as in really life: too much love can kill you





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