April Mission: Chopped! Nintex Edition

Blog Post created by rhia Expert on Mar 30, 2017
Welcome, Workflow Chefs, to the very first Chopped! Nintex Edition.
If you’ve not seen the hit TV show on the Food Network, this is where a basket of mystery ingredients are delivered to the chef and they must concoct the most delicious dish that they are able with those items.

In our April Mission, it’s a tad different! You are going to be given a basket with eight (8) Nintex Workflow actions (each with their own quantities) that you will get to be quite creative with: your goal is to devise a workflow using AS MANY OF THOSE ACTIONS in ONE workflow as possible to achieve some fictional outcome (which you must also describe!) Feel free to be creative and silly… but there are still rules, naturally! (Is it an expense report workflow? Great! Is it a workflow to help Snow White organize the 7 Dwarves she lives with? Also great!)

The Rules:
  1. You can ONLY use what’s available to you in your basket (which is listed as “Action (Quantity of that Action)”, with the exception of:
    • Set a Variable
    • Action Set
    • Build a String
    • Send Notification
  2. Use everything in your basket, or just some actions – but they must compose ONE working workflow. 
  3. Post a screenshot along with a tiny write-up about the scenario that your workflow answers.



The Basket:


Alright, get ready to uncover your basket… your actions are:
  • Assign Flexi-Task (2)
  • End Workflow (2)
  • Run If (3)
  • Switch (1)
  • Wait for Item Update (2)
  • Update XML (2)
  • Query List (1)
  • Calculate Date (2)


The Prize:



If you use ALL the actions above, you'll be entered into a drawing for a big ole' jar of candy! If nobody uses all the actions, we'll take everyone who uses the highest number and put them in the drawing.  HOW SWEET IS THAT?!




Good luck, chefs! Don’t forget to share your recipes J