What is Nintex?

Blog Post created by jesse.mchargue Champion on Mar 17, 2017

I have been doing a lot of "selling" Nintex to different business areas within my company lately as we gear up for the ever-looming exodus to "The Cloud", and have faced the same question more times than I really thought I would have.


"What is Nintex?"


The question is simple enough, and I could go on for hours about it, but how do you sum it up in a sentence, or a word? When you think of Nintex, what jumps to mind? What is your "elevator speech" for Nintex?


I have heard everything from "they do workflow and forms, right?" to "they do some stuff in the SharePoint space", but that hardly does Nintex any justice.


For me, I always gravitate towards "improvement". 


From existing workflows and processes to forms, it is a tool for improvement. It allows us to improve how we do our day-to-day as well as changes the way we look at approaching existing and new ventures. I think about how I can incorporate a process into other areas of the business using Nintex and how it will improve the overall experience for my users. I have been using the examples of the mobile platform and all of the things that are open to us with Nintex. This has gain a lot of momentum for me and my company, as they are starting to see that it is an improvement to the way they do their work.


I am interested to see and hear about what others think and how you approach this simple question. How would you explain it to someone that has never heard of it?


Share your thoughts and experiences, and perhaps we can each look at Nintex in a different way that we never thought of!


Until next time!