Nintex Workflow Visio Shape Collection

Blog Post created by aaron.labiosa@nintex.com Champion on Mar 2, 2017

Nintex Workflow Visio Shape Collection - Initial Release

Check out the asset in Nintex Xchange™  - Nintex Workflow Visio Stencil Sheet  



  • Easy to mock up workflow designs in Visio prior to development work.
  • OpenSource 
  • Actively Developed
  • 148 Shapes
  • Nintex Workflow 2016 Shapes
  • Easily installed (Installation instructions here)

Planned Features

  • Labels for each shape
  • Additional Icons for other products



Screen Shots


Visio Shapes

nw shapes list



Version 1.2 (current)

  • All actions have working connection end points
  • Actions/icons have been sorted alphabetically


Version 1.1

  • All actions have been named properly.
  • New .zip file with Visio Stencil sheet





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