Forms Enterprise 2013 - Repeating Tables Adds White Space Issue

Blog Post created by blalocb Employee on Nov 4, 2016

A customer came to me with the question below, after trying to create a POC with our Forms Enterprise product. I was able to help them out, and thought it could be useful to others as well. 


Question: When a form contains repeating tables it adds all of this white space after it, how do I fix it?




The white space usually occurs when the control within the panel (where the hide rule is located), is not extended all the way out.


In order to fix this issue you need to do two things.


One: Have the customer extend the left and right side of the control to the edges of the panel. 


Two: Recreate the Hide Rule that is associated to the Panel, and extend the controls.


This will keep the repeating table from adding additional white space to your Form, and keep your Forms looking crisp.


Hope that helps!