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Over the last couple weeks, a few customers have asked how to access the Nintex Live actions for O365. Here is a short tutorial on how to do so. 


What is Nintex Live?


Workflow action that uses the Nintex Live service. Connects to an internet-based application exposing web service APIs for public or contracted consumption. Examples: Google Drive download file, Dropbox query files.


How do you access Live actions on O365?

To add actions to your toolbox from the Nintex Store

  1. In the Nintex Workflow designer, click Store in the ribbon.


    For instructions on accessing Nintex Workflow designer, see Accessing the Nintex Workflow designer.

  3. the Nintex Workflow designer.htmThe Nintex Store dialog box appears.

  4. Search and browse: 
    • To search for an action or pack, type in the search box and then press ENTER.
    • To browse packs, click the categories under the search box. Clicking a category filters the display.
    • To display the actions in a pack, click the pack.
  5. On the action or pack of interest, click Add or Try (for information on trialing an action, see the following section).

    The added actions are now available in the Actions toolbox of the Nintex Workflow designer for use in your workflows. 





Currently in Nintex Forms for Office 365 you cannot open old form versions as you can on the on-premise version.

While we wait for this feature I want to share how me and my team work with forms while we are sharing it.

We opened on the designer the same form with different users (User1 and User2) and made changes and then User1 published changes and then User2 published the other changes.

Finally we saw that the last published form is the current version without the User1 's changes.

Although we imagined that result, the Nintex designer does not show any message for the form opened at the same time or that another user made changes.


With that said, we decided to implement a simple idea that is helping us without losing changes of another designer/developer/user on the form design.


The simple idea is:


- Add a label on the right upper corner of the form

-When the form is opened by an user, we set the convention to edit that label and set it with something like this: "I am User1 and started editing the form at 3.00 PM, please donot make changes" and save the form.


So if another user edits it , he/she will see that label, and will not save/publish the form.

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