New Look To Connect!  More Bling For Your Blog!

Blog Post created by Employee on Aug 30, 2016

There are some updates to the look of the content on the community coming September 1st! We will enable a feature on our community platform that we think makes content more visually appealing.  Below are what changes to expect for various types of content.







You  might first notice the big banner images on top of blog posts.  It's the primary photo that shows up as the post appears in news streams, and weekly digest emails. Here's an example to the left.Banner images aren't required in content, but we are encouraging our Technical Evangelists and other bloggers to use them.

Questions and Discussions - New Thread!







Questions now appear as a separate type of content instead of an option when starting a discussion. This makes it easier to create and browse questions.




See that green star at the top? That's how you'll know it's an answered question, in addition to showing up as a green box with a check mark when you use search to look for answers.  You DO use the search function, first, right?  Good!  :-)




You'll see the ability to "like" and a link to add a comment at the top, too.




Correct answers, when selected, jump to the top, right under the question, with a highlight in green.  You don't have to hunt through a thread to find the answer, although the thread is still visible below.




And in a thread, the new looks makes it a little more clear when a reply is in response to a comment or the original question. So, sub-threads in the discussion don't get mixed up.




Discussions don't change much, but they do follow the new design pattern.




Breadcrumbs and actions move to the top of the content and related content moves below.






Videos we post have the same visual option, and if a banner image isn't selected a screengrab fills the void.



Below the video is the ability to like or click to comment And there's space below for information about the video the creator can submit.



Impact metrics are below that so you can see at a glance what sort of impact the video is having in terms of views and community reach.


New Editor!
toolbar.pngAll this work will take place in a new “Rich Text Editor.” When you first see the toolbar upon starting some type content, it will be collapsed. Click the three dots to expand to the full toolbar to see all your options.  All previous options remain, in a more modern approach. It should be a little easier to insert links, too.  You can also now use an inline link editor even when editing content.



We hope you like the changes! We think they'll improve the look and experience of the site!  It happens September 1st!