Inserting the Edit Item URL in Workflow Notifications

Blog Post created by cazza162 Champion on Aug 1, 2016


Often I have workflows with approval (assign flexi task) actions in that usually run the same generic course:

  • On approve, change status, send notification
  • On reject, change status, send notification asking for updates


Now I love the out of the box “Common” properties that can be utilised in workflow such as Approver Comments, Current Date etc. but what I think is missing from here is a link to the item in edit mode (if someone knows how to solve this problem more easily please let me know).


Often in the reject email the text will say something along the lines of:


Your request has been rejected for the following reasons:


Please address the issues and resubmit using the link below:

Edit item URL



I was pointed to this awesome article by a colleague that describes the different page types available in SharePoint – this might be old news to many but having just discovered it I am now obsessed


So using this and the built in common properties in Nintex Workflow I am able to set a variable value at the beginning of my workflows to build the URL for the current item to open in the edit page:



I can now use this variable vTextEditItemUrl in my rejection emails to allow the user to open the item directly in edit mode and resubmit without any additional clicks in the ribbon.  Also because we are using the common variables we can be certain that whichever environment this is deployed to it will build the URL correctly as there is no hard coding to change before publishing.


This may be of no use to anyone but me, but anything I find I like to keep safe here in the Nintex Community for the next time I need it.  If it helps anyone else then that is a bonus