How to delete file extension - Office365 Version

Blog Post created by fhunth Champion on Apr 9, 2016

Some it's needed to cut the file extension from a file name.

Here are 2 steps to do it.

We 'll use the actions named:

  • Regular Expression
  • Get Item From Collection
  • Log To History List ( to show results )




Used Variables

     Use the following variables for this sample



Action 1 - Regular Expression Action Configuration


Set the String attribute with your filename. In my sample I am getting it from a Sharepoint Column name named "ItemwithExtension"

Then set the String operation to "Extract"


The pattern used is [^/]*(?=\.[^.]+($|\?)) with ignore case checked

Finally set a collection variable ( varWithout2 in this case ) to get the results

Finally set a collection variable ( varWithout2 in this cae) to get the results




Action 2 - Get Item From Collection


This action is set to extract he first value from the collection variable (varWithout2) and set the result on the variable named varWithoutExtension





Action 3 - Log To History List


In my sample I wanted to view the results on the History list from a string with the value fhunth.photo.jpg and the results showed is fhunth.photo



The result