Work Smarter, Not Harder

Blog Post created by jesse.mchargue Champion on Mar 14, 2016

Found this picture I took at InspireX and shared with my team and wanted to share it with you!


I recently started to expand our training to involve our Business Analysts so that they can assist in getting other areas on board with Nintex. I use this image (and phrase) throughout as it drives home the idea that Nintex does not require you to be a technical savant and code solutions.  It empowers users to see and hear this as it removes the notions that it is too complex or difficult to do themselves, and once they see how easy it is to demo, that is when I see all the gears starting to move about their ideas and what they want to automate!


Work Smarter Not Harder.JPG


So what else do you guys use in your trainings? I am putting together a training packet and will most likely share it once I have it completed to get some feedback!