Maintenance May Affect Performance For A Day

Blog Post created by Employee on Mar 10, 2016

Have you received some weird in-box messages about old discussions?

Here's why:  We are performing a necessary update to our databases, and the effort will re-mark some "correct answers" that were lost in a recent merge of content in the community. That means you may get  in-box notifications about things you already got notified about. I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. If you want, you have the option of temporarily un-following spaces, documents, people, discussions, etc to avoid these in-box messages.

Here's how:

First, click your avatar in the upper-right and select "Your Profile." When you're there you'll see your "connections."  Click "following" as pictured below.



When you get to the next page, you'll see all the people and things you follow.  Click "Following" and then you'll see an option to "unfollow."  Click that and you won't get those in-box messages. 


But remember to re-follow again tomorrow!


One other aspect of this effort will change the timestamp on the original question.  It will be re-stamped to the date the data was updated.  That will make it appear as though community member answered questions even before they were asked!  See this image?



I know you guys are good, but that would be amazing!


In the end, we will recover hundreds of correct answers, which benefits the community greatly. It will mean hundreds of correct answers are restored and that could mean thousands of people find them and get help.

Again, apologies if you are confused by the in-box messages.  And thanks for your understanding!