Using the Twitter Action

Blog Post created by deanvirag Champion on Mar 7, 2016

So I just uploaded a How-To file on using the Twitter action.


But, what good is a How-To document without some details on Why you would want to use the Twitter Action? So, here are two quick thoughts..


  1. Your company sets up a central location to control all outgoing tweets from the corporate twitter account. Set up a simple workflow on a custom Corporate Tweet list list that runs every time an item is added to the list.
  2. You company sets up a workflow to automatically post to their Wordpress blog (Using the Wordpress action!) To complete the posting process, they want to Tweet out that a new blog post was uploaded, but only after waiting for a certien period of time to make sure that everything with the blog is in order first.


I really like the Twitter action and hope that you will get value from using it as well.