Nintex Licensing Guide

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The purpose of this document is to explain Nintex product licensing requirements and common SharePoint deployments.


Licensing Guide Overview



Nintex Licensing Detail Further Explained


Non-production Licensing

Non-production licenses (development, testing, acceptance etc.) can be purchased at 50% of the production license cost.

• Software Assurance subscribers

Each production license covered by Software Assurance is granted one equivalent non-production license. These licenses are time-limited to coincide with the annual subscription period of the Software Assurance.

• Premium Support subscribers

Each production license covered by Premium Support is granted an unlimited* number of equivalent non-production licenses while the cover is in effect. These licenses are time-limited to coincide with the annual subscription period of the Premium Support. (* Fair use policy applies)


Disaster Recovery Systems

Licensing of fail-over servers and cluster based DR systems is determined according to the number of active instances that can occur simultaneously. For example, an active/passive or cold fail-over configuration does not require a separate license, while active/active or warm/hot fail-over configurations require every instance to be licensed.


Product Upgrades

When upgrading an existing license to a higher edition or eligible superseding product, the upgrade fee payable is the price difference calculated on current list prices, regardless of the original purchase price paid. When a current Software Assurance or Premium Support contract is in effect, the upgrade fee is calculated likewise and then prorated for the remaining contract period.


A Quick Guide to SharePoint Deployments




If you have any further questions about Product Licensing and SharePoint Deployments please direct queries to your Nintex Territory Manager

or contact the Nintex Partner Team.