Quick Tip: Get the Most From Your Newsfeed

Blog Post created by Employee on Nov 13, 2015

After an update to our community platform in October, it seems some members aren't seeing what's actually "newest" in their newsfeed. Here's a quick tip on finding the latest information, blog posts, comments, threads, people you're following and trending content.


It's two clicks:  "News" and then "Most Recent."

Here's a picture to show you where to click:


This is where you'll see you can post your status update. It's a lot like Facebook. Tell us what you're up to!

And look to the right... You can filter your results to focus on, or eliminate, things from this feed.



Like what you see? Then only one more click makes this your default view!  Just push that little thumbtack, and then any time you click "news," you'll see the "most recent" results as you chose to filter them.

Default View.PNG


I hope this little tip helps you enjoy your newsfeed!