Our New Look: Here's What Has Changed

Blog Post created by Employee on Oct 12, 2015

Hi, Everyone!


The platform on which our community is based has updated and there are a few changes you may have noticed.  I thought I should give you a quick rundown of what's new and where to find a couple of features that have moved.


First, that set of navigation links that used to be on the left side of your screen have moved to the top of the page.  That's where you'll now find "News, Recent Blog Posts, Top & Trending, Most Recent, Following and  News Stream."




The new layout shows blocks of information from the streams you either follow or updates from your Connections and Top & Trending.  If there's no activity in any of these categories, you'll see Most Recent content.




Tiles in the right pane are always visible, even when you click into one of the streams, "Recent Blog Posts, Top & Trending, Most Recent or Following."

Just be aware that the body of a News item can't be clicked, but the title is clickable and takes you to that item's page.


You can now like articles from the News stream, as you can see from the image below.




Comments are clickable and take you to the top of the comments thread on the item's page.




You can control whether you're notified from each stream using the Preferences menu under the user avatar.




These preferences now offer both email and mobile notifications. Here's what that screen looks like below.




Of course, we still want to know what you're doing!  So the Status Update is still on the site!  It's just now moved. Click any of the streams to the right of "news," and you'll see a chance to give us a shout out at the to of your screen.



It's not a complicated set of changes. And, in fact, it actually keeps the most recent content always-ready on the right side of the page. It saves you a little time by giving you the chance to "like" content w/o navigating away from your News streams.  And when you're ready to comment on a page, clicking the comment box will take you directly to to top of the comment thread on that page.


I hope you find that helpful!



Your Community Manager