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This is just a reminder for me (if I need it in the future) or whoever need it so as to lose time I lost trying to do it.


I tryied to customize a task form with Nintex Forms and I received this message.


     Please update to the current version of Nintex Forms for Office 365


  • You are using an older version of Nintex Forms for Office 365
  • Update to the most recent version to customize task forms




And I asked myself how could I update it. Because I didn't remember a Sharepoint feature to update installed apps.


And after some time I solved it with the next steps:


In order to add the app to your Office 365 tenancy, you will need to add the app. This tutorial will take you through the process of adding the app.

In your Office 365 site, click on the Settings icon and click on Add an app.


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