Populate a Calculated Value Field with HTML/Picture

Blog Post created by steffen on Aug 14, 2015

Just by luck i found a great feature to populate a Calculated Value Field with HTML.

With it, it´s possible to dynamicly populate a Field, even in a Repeating Section with Pictures.

The best part is, that it is super easy to configurate.


Here is an example Form i designed. In it there is a Reapeating Section with a List Lookup and a Calculated Value Field.



The List Lookup is connected to the SharePointList "HW-SW-Artikel" and not more is configurated. It just shows all ListItems in it.

In the Calculated Value Field is a lookup on the same List. It gets the HTML value, based on the List Lookup from the SharePoint List.

The Calculated Value Field now recalculate the HTML and shows the picture.


lookup("HW-SW-Artikel", "ID", LookUp, "HTML-Link")


List Lookup.jpgCalculatedValue.jpg


The HTML Code in HW-SW-Artikel SharePoint List


SharePoint List.jpg

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" alt="Logitech Performance Maus"  style="width:200px;height:75px;border:0;"></a>



The Result is an easy way to populate a repeating section with pictures.

Also the link on an images is working and it opens the right href link in a new tab.



Hope it helps someone =D