How to add your favourite action to the Commonly Used Actions Category

Blog Post created by fhunth Champion on Aug 3, 2015

I used Nintex Workflow for several years and always guessed how I could see my favorite actions on the section named "Commonly used"



I always saw those friendly actions; "Assign Flexi task" and "Send notification", although I built tons of workflows with different actions. I kept asking: What 'd be the mysterious algorithm that Nintex uses to determine my action as "Commonly used".

Is it a magic number?. Yes, it is

After asking it on the Nintex Community, Emily told us that the magic number is 7.

And I said to myself, "I used my favorite action more than 7 times". For example I remember I have a lot of "Change State" actions on my workflows.

The trick is that you must drag & drop 7 times your action on your workflow design to see it on the "Commonly used" Category.

It will not be considered as favorite, for example if you Copy/Paste it 7 times.


Let's assume that your favorite action is "Calculate Date".


Drag & Drop it 7 times on your workflow design






Then Save the workflow.

Close it.

And open it again.


And now you 'll see your favorite action…




Additionally if you want reset that category, you can delete cookies from your browser.