Have you seen the new "Find a Partner" feature?

Blog Post created by eharris04 Employee on Jul 28, 2015

Ever wanted to find out more about Nintex partners or have some great ideas about a potential project, but don't quite know how to get going? 

In fact, many organizations need help locating Nintex partners, and the site has a nice little feature available for FREE.  It's called, "Find a Partner".

Why you should care about this feature?

1. If you're new to Nintex.  Well outside of any obvious reason, if you're new to Nintex, then this feature can help you connect with a partner near you that can get you the necessary information.  They are super qualified, know your local area really well, and t best of all they are waiting to hear from you. 


2. If you're already a partner, or considering joining Nintex's Partner Network, then this could be your little gold mine.  Partner networking is a great way to get connected, learn the ropes, and make great networking connections that can help grow your business or expand your current offerings.  Many partners have a unique service offering or handle reselling only, so the chance to partner with others companies to tackle a specific opportunity could be huge. 


How does it work?

The feature is built using the Microsoft PinPoint platform which works really well because it provides organizations visibility not only from Nintex, but also within the entire Microsoft eco-system. Who wouldn't want that? While I'm not going to sell you on the PinPoint profile, the advantage for Nintex is that other partners can use it to find you and connect regardless the need.  Nintex just makes it easier for you to use it and find others. 


How to use it?

Click on the link Find a Partner - Nintex then click on the "Beta Preview*" link.


Next, fill in your search criteria on the left hand side and watch the partner names roll in.  Its great, its fast, and its useful to helping you find the partner that’s right for you.


So now that you've seen it, go check it out.  Happy Nintexting ....


P.S.  If you're a partner, then ensure your profile is out there and that your information and tags are updated correctly.