Check a Yes/No Type Column in Workflows

Blog Post created by benjamin on Jul 17, 2015

Hi Community,


i try to explain my problem and apologising for my poor english i made some screenshots, so mabee someone can understand my question.


I have a library “CheckBoxTest” with 2 columns type “Yes/No” (Daten1 and Daten2):



Now i created a Nintex Form with nothing than default settings:




And a Workflow returning the values of Daten1 and Daten2:



As you can see i tried to insert a “Commit pending changes” action to have the value of Daten1 and Daten2 set correctly but it doesn’t work. The Return of the Uploaded File is:


So it doesn’t return the check true like I set, but it returns the default value set to false. How can I get the “real” value of my Daten1 and Daten2 without using a “Pause for …” action? Someone maybe has an idea? An possibly not having to change the column type and to use the Choice Control.

Thanks everyone



Answer provided by Henning Eiben


OK, I missed, that the workflow is starting automatically - and that it's a library and not a list. That does make a significant difference!


When you add a document to a library, you first have to select the file and then enter the meta-data. At the time you enter the data, the file already exists in the library and the workflow is starting!


The only way to prevent the workflow from starting before you fill in all the meta-data is to make at least one field mandantory. Unfortunaltly a checkbox can not be marked as mandantory. But if you would have a single line of text, that could be marked as required.


When you now upload a file, this file is being treated as checked out, and thus a workflow can not yet start.