Nintex Forms 2013 - minimal width of list lookup control too big - what to do

Blog Post created by mlauer Champion on Jan 23, 2015

Have You ever had the situation in Forms Designer that the minimal width of a list lookup control is too big for your form?


In this example I wanted to insert a list lookup for 'unit of measure' to the right of the 'quantity' field.

But the width of the inserted control is too big and I could not shrink it in Forms Designer. What to do?

CSS is your friend. Assign a class name to the control, e.g. 'measure'


and enter a little piece of CSS in the form settings:

Now the form looks as exspected:

You have to play with the number of pixels for width und position. For the width its important to use '!important' in CSS!

I think you can use this also for other controls.


Hope that helps someone