How to bulk delete Content Type based workflow associations from a list

Blog Post created by aaron.labiosa@nintex.com Champion on Nov 25, 2014

Products: Nintex Workflow 2013, Nintex Workflow 2010


Today a request came in to assist in removing 9,000~ duplicate Content Type Workflow Associations from a list (previous versions). Since it did not matter whether or not any workflow associations for that content type remained on the list (it is easy enough to re-add the workflow after) this script was developed to remove all workflow associations for that content type.


Note: All other content type workflows (other content types) and regular list based workflows will remain unmodified.


Run the below (attached as well as a *.txt file for your convenience) PowerShell script (PowerShell ISE works well) from a SharePoint Server:



PowerShell Script
  1. Add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell
  2. $(Get-SPWeb http://contoso.com).lists["YourListTitle"].ContentTypes["YourContentTypeName"].WorkflowAssociations | ForEach-Object {$(Get-SPWeb http://contoso.com).lists["YourListTitle"].ContentTypes["YourContentTypeName"].RemoveWorkflowAssociation($_)}


To use the script do the following:

  • Replace http://contoso.com with the URL of the site you wish to execute the script against.
  • Replace YourListTitle with the title of the list/library you wish to execute the script against.
  • Replace YourContentTypeName with the name of the content type the workflow is attached to.