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Products: Nintex Forms for Office 365, Nintex Forms 2013, Nintex Forms 2010


Symbols and meanings for rules in Nintex Forms are provided below.

==is equal to
===is exactly equal to (value and type)
!=is not equal
!==is not equal (neither value or type)
>is greater than
<is less than
>=is greater than or equal to
<=is less than or equal to
| |or



Did you know that this information is provided in the product Help files? The Help files contain useful information for writing rules in Nintex Forms. Simply click the Help button in the Designer tab to see context-sensitive help. Below is an example of the Help button from Nintex Forms for Office 365.



You can also access Help online. Below are links to information on rules by product.

Nintex for Office 365 | Nintex for SharePoint 2016 | Nintex for SharePoint 2013 | Nintex for SharePoint 2010

Make your organization smarter and quickly automate more everyday processes by relying on solutions to problems that were already solved. Nintex Workflow ships with more than a dozen pre-built templates that you can get started with. Nintex Tech Evangelist Brad Orluk walks you through the benefits of User Defined Actions (UDAs).


Workflows built with Nintex can reach far beyond SharePoint. This video by Nintex Tech Evangelist Vadim Tabakman shows quickly built, easily run examples of presence based routing, task notification, and data collection, using real time communication.


Products: Nintex Workflow for SharePoint (2016, 2013, 2010)


Avoid “All” and “Item” Content Types


To prevent lengthy content type evaluation when saving or publishing reusable workflow templates, avoid selecting “All” or “Item” for the content type. Instead, create a content type based on Item and then select the created content type when defining the reusable workflow template.


For instructions on creating content types, refer to the SharePoint documentation.


More Information


For more information about reusable workflow templates, see “Set Title and Description for Reusable Workflow Template” in the Nintex Workflow Help (2016 | 2013 | 2010).


For more information about the evaluation process that Nintex Workflow uses for content types, see the following MSDN article:

Have you been wondering how you can keep up to date, and notified on what's happening within the community site?


We've been asked by a growing number of customers and partners, how they can subscribe to know when new content has been posted in certain areas. Now the best way to do this is to customize you community activity stream. The best thing is, you can create multiple streams for all different scenarios, including following certain people or places, or other tags. I'm going to detail how you can do this, and then subscribe away!


Customize an activity stream in the Community Site


You can customize your personal activity stream to follow a place, a tag, or a person. For example, to follow the Product Release Announcements space, you can create a stream to follow Product Release Announcements, and set it to email you when there is a new addition in that space.


  1. Start by clicking "News" on the navigation bar at the top-left of the community home page.
  2. The next page that loads will have options for what to display in your newsfeed. Click on "+."
  3. In the Search bar, type “product release announcements”.  When located, click Add. product.png

  4. Once it’s been added to the stream, you can turn Email updates to On, which means you will receive an email anytime something is posted in the Product Release Announcements space.
  5. Give your stream a name, and click Done.
  6. Now the customized stream shows any content posted in the Product Release Announcements space.




You can create a stream for anything you can find in search, customizing what you see in your feed.

You love and use SharePoint, but, occasionally, you have to work with people that don’t. This short video by Nintex Tech Evangelist Brad Orluk will show how processes built with Nintex coordinate content that lives outside of SharePoint.


Social media channels are one more place where work can be distributed and work can be discovered. This video by Nintex Tech Evangelist Vadim Tabakman shows you how easy it is to ask a community of stakeholders to weigh in on a decision you’ve got to make.


Earning points on the community site

There are many ways you can earn points on the site. The first step is registering yourself on the site and, then pretty much anytime you contribute on the community site as a registered user, you earn points which go to your total points stash.


You can earn badges and points from almost any type of interaction you have on the site, as well as interacting with other community members. I've built out a list of the actions and badges below.


Identify Nintex Employees, and Nintex community champions

Role badges allow you to quickly and easily identify a Nintex employee, Nintex support engineers, and Nintex champions and experts. The badge appears next to the members name, and I've included a list of the different badges here.


Nintex Employee16-employee-orange.png
Nintex Support16-support.png
Nintex Community 2014 Champion16-winner2.png

Nintex virtual Technical Evangelists (vTEs)

Nintex virtual Tech Evangelists are a select group of experts on Nintex products from Nintex's worldwide Partner community.



Blue Ribbon Group member

If you see a blue ribbon next to someone's name, you know they belong to a select group of power community members who have a proven record of providing helpful insight and advice. You can trust what they tell you.



First time Actions!

These badges are awarded for the first time you complete one of the actions listed below.


Mission Name
Update your status50411411-30x30.png
Bookmark your favorite pages50Forget-me-notforgetmenot-30x30.png
Be the judge, and rate something50Judgmental Judyjudgementaljudy-30x30.png
Read some questions, and mark one as correct or helpful50Knowledge is Powerknowledgeispower_30x30.png
Use the Search bar50Scoutscout-30x30.png
Like something for the first time50Your opinion countsyouropinioncounts-30x30.png
Ask your first question75Teacher's Petteacherspet-30x30.png
Add a tag to your content75You're ityoureit-v1-30x30.png
Upload your first document100Docu-mentordocumenter-30x30.png
Have someone like your status update100Dr Populardrpopular-30x30.png
Be the recipient of a "helpful" response100Helperhelper_30x30.png
Answer your first question - have your answer marked as correct100Know-it-allknowitall-30x30.png
Write your first blog post100Soap boxsoapbox-30x30.png


Repeatable Actions with badges!


Mission Name
Login to the Nintex community 10 times over 30 days50Admit oneadmitone100x100png1366111446f.png
Get a correct answer, and a helpful answer!50Championheavyweight100x100png136611168e0.png
Mark 5 items as favorites this month25Fan Favoriteconnectlikeyou100x100png1366111a217.png
Mark 5 questions as correct, and 5 as helpful this month50Hall Monitorviewcontent100x100png13661124f0f.png
Have 5 of your comments liked50Indestructiblebuildcustomstream100x100png1366112915e.png
Be followed by 5 people50Influencerteamplayer100x100png1366112c071.png
Post 10 replies to questions this month50Loudmouthloudmouth100x100png1366112dc62.png
Reply to 2 questions or comment on 2 discussions50On a Rollroll30x30png136606579cb.png
Read and rate 3 documents50Read & Ratereadandrate100x100png136611300af.png
Share 5 status updates50Sharing is Caringsharing100x100png13661131c72.png


Additional Points (without the badges )


Assign a tag to your content1
Follow someone2
Like or rate something2
Leave a comment on an article, blog post3
Be followed by someone4
Have your answer marked as helpful4
Post a reply to a question5
Have your content rated5
Have your comment liked by someone8
Have your content bookmarked by someone8
Ask a question or start a discussion10
Mark an answer correct15
Have your blog post liked15
Have your document/ article liked15
Write an article20
Have your answer marked as correct20
Write a blog post30


How do I see my points?

You're able to see how you're going by opening up your profile, and clicking on the rolling points box. You'll also be able to view the badges you have, as well as how far along you are to earning another badge.


How do I see other user's points?

Simple. Just hover over someone's name and you'll see their points. You can also view their profile and view their points and any badges they have earned.

This short demo showcases the DocuSign connectors in the context of an HR approval workflow.


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