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You've landed on the community site, and you're now here thinking, how do I access forums?


Asking a Question


In many of the spaces on the site, you're able to ask questions. These are your forums!


There are two ways to ask a question. The most consistently available is to click Actions in the upper-right corner. This menu shows the options that are available to you in that space. The first item is "Question," so simply click that and ask your question. Note that another selection is "Discussions" which are chats with fellow community members that don't require an answer.

actions tab


The other method that is sometimes available is the "ask" box, such as in  Ask Nintex Workflow Cloud. If you see one, simply start typing your questions in the box.




Once you start typing, the site will scan content for similar questions. You'll be able to scan available questions, or ask your own if you can't see it!


Browsing through Forums


Each space has a Recent Content area on the main page, this is where you'll see the most recent discussions on that space. Look out for it to see new, and newly responded to posts.


If you want to browse through all the discussions, and questions on a space you'll need to go to the Content tab of the area of interest. Here you'll be able to browse through any discussions, documents or blog posts.


You can also filter by latest activity, or by a specific tag, even use the Categories on the left-hand side to find information in that category. Break it down further by selecting either blog posts, documents or discussions!



Searching on the Site


You can use the Search bar found at the top right corner of the entire site. Here you're able to search through any content across the entire site, whether it be conversations, how to articles, documents blog posts or people. Just enter a search term and it'll filter through. For more tips see Community Search Tips.






You can find even more features in Making the Most of Community Features!

Hi there! You may have noticed that the structure of the site is a lot different to the previous community site. Therefore I wanted to break down what you'll find in each space!


You can search across all spaces by typing in your search terms in the Search box, or ask and answer questions in any space.


Getting Started

This space is for new users or those who want to trial our products. We've gathered tutorials and guides for those starting out on Nintex. You'll also see tutoriald, discussions about functionality, troubleshooting and question threads.  If you have a question about our on-prem products or mobile products, they go here.



This is a dedicated space focused on installation, updates and migrations for every product.


Nintex For Office 365

The Nintex for Office 365 space is dedicated to any questions, content and blog posts for Nintex Workflow for Office 365 and Nintex Forms for Office 365. You'll find links to help files, and guides, release notes, troubleshooting guidance and design tips.


Nintex Gallery

In the Nintex Gallery you'll find a range of content shared by the Nintex community. Including Nintex Forms they have created, and pictures of some of our members at the Nintex Booth. 


Dev Talk

The Dev Talk space gives you a place to share tools, sample code and discuss technical issues.


Product Downloads

The Product Downloads space is where you can download the latest product versions. This area is only available to our Software Assurance or Premium Support customers, if you need access please submit a support ticket Ask Support



Need to create a support ticket, or keep up to date with the most recent knowledge base articles? Head to this space.


Product Release Announcements

Every time we have a new product release, we'll announce it here!


Tech Blog

The Tech Blog is a blog run by Nintex Technical Evangelists. Keep an eye on here for the technical evangelists sharing knowledge, examples, templates on Nintex products. 


Submit Ideas

Share ideas and feedback to our product teams, and see what ideas other customers have.

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